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Film Photography. The adventure for 2020. https://www.karl.pics/blog/2020/8/film-photography-2020 With cancelled and postponed events, I have had some time to explore film.    Long story short; its apparent I have much to learn.

I stole (borrowed) a friends TLR camera, and have been shooting various kinds of film over the last month or so.  It’s been a unique challenge to come at the things I take for granted in digital, and revisit with the analogue process.

Yesterday, I developed the first 2 rolls of film since high school (Or was it junior high?).  Going all in, I developed colour film instead of black and white.

Now you’ll can check out some of the output.  Things to note: I don’t have all the tools yet to finish the process.  After developing, I need a scanner, a film holder and macro lens, or an enlarger to properly make a finished product.  So what you’ll see is me Macguyvering things using random apps, LED panels, and various other things I could find along with my iphone to “scan” and further finish the film.  Enjoy these attempts, and the faults and follies of each one.  



C41 images and negative C41 images and negative C41 images and negative C41 images and negative C41 images and negative


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It’s ok to be silly. Sometimes I make silly art. https://www.karl.pics/blog/2020/7/it-s-ok-to-be-silly-sometimes-i-make-silly-art I get it. Art is often serious. Or Pretentious.  I am certainly am not always in the mood for some kinds of art. I like having a laugh at my own expense.  Being amused with accidents or mistakes also helps out with learning.  Some of that also carries over into my prints.


The unlucky fly next to the lucky Neko?  The grotesquely huge T-Rex?  Imagining a light as a UFO?  Preposterous!


Look wayyyyyyyy upLook wayyyyyyyy up The UFOThe UFOIt’s a cover-up Dead bugs are luckyDead bugs are luckyNeko oversees a fly’s death

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To Blog, nay. But how will they know I print? https://www.karl.pics/blog/2020/7/to-blog-nay-but-how-will-they-know-i-print I am not one to prattle on, so I will keep this simple.  I have begun selling some of my prints that I have been producing, while unable to work for clients (dang you, COVID-19!).

Prints, fine art, Edmonton, Alberta, moody, paper, Pokey.Pine tree in the evening. New growth and new beginnings.

So, without further ado, I would love for you to browse the available prints.  Alberta will be the common show case, but I do periodically migrate around Canada.  Check out the full collection at Karl.pics/art.  Each print is available in a wide variety of options, including Hahnemühle papers, frames, etc...  Only the best for you guys.


I will post new additions here, and at my instagram.  Enjoy! Black and White bird and telephone po.leEscape the chaosA bird escapes from chaotic power and communications cabling.

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